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Exposing perfection...

like Riki Lake exposes white trash.~El-P

~Free Thinking Poetry~
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Congratulations! You have found, Free Thinking Poetry!
This is a community !!STRICTLY!! for poetry and prose.
Except for your first post you MUST answer this Indroductory Survey:

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Home:
4. Favorite type of music:
5. Favorite five artists/bands:
6. Your style of poetry:
7. Hobbies:
8. Item you can't live without:
9. Favorite quote:
10. The meaning behind your LJ handle:
11. Did you ever wonder if your mom gave your dad a blowjob right before she kissed you goodnight?

And since the LJ user took the time to post something the reader should also take the time to reply to the post. Just because that would be the nice thing to do.