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Fire, demons, the whole worlds gone to hell Fuck you, fuck you,… - Exposing perfection... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
~Free Thinking Poetry~

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[Jun. 1st, 2005|11:14 pm]
~Free Thinking Poetry~



Fire, demons, the whole worlds gone to hell
Fuck you, fuck you, just like you fucked me.
Cant stop, its right behind me. Cant stop, its there.
Are you running too? Are you following just behind?
I need you to back me up, but you're not there, are you?
Its dark, dark. Inside and out
Its hard, too hard. The fight that’s never won.
Can you still see me? I cant see you, you're too far behind
Do you remember, do you? I do, I think.
Too much, too much. It's starting to spill over
Theres me, theres you, theres the whole fucking world
And its all held together with old chewing gum and paint
You know it, you know it. I know that you know it
Its so hard, so easy. Cant must wont
Help, no, cant say no
Control. I have control. Let me believe it even when I lie
Just let me go, let me go, I wish I could just go
So easy, easy. must, cant, want
There? No. one two, more more more
Never stop, always there and you're so far behind
You stopped and it outran you, didn’t it, didn’t it
Cant stop cant cant wont.
Just let me go. Fuck you for keeping me here
Pretend that im still in sight. Just lie lie lie
I'll never know, never never know